About Stephanie Thwaites, Children’s Agent, Curtis Brown UK

I am a Literary Agent at Curtis Brown representing a range of different titles including books for children and teenagers across the age ranges and genres.  I have been at Curtis Brown since graduating from Leeds University many moons ago and, having relinquished my childhood dream of working as a waitress in McDonalds (wrong on so many levels), I quickly developed an appetite for the kind of stories that suck you in, are easy to devour and leave a strong aftertaste (OK, enough of the food metaphors now).

I have been fortunate to work with a huge range of incredibly talented authors, both established voices and new names. I have close ties to the most famous bear in history, Winnie-the-Pooh, since I represent the Milne and Shepard Estates, and  am  well acquainted with all kinds of creatures and beasts, some featuring in my professional life. There are tigers and princesses, monsters and pirates, dinosaurs and fairies, superheroes and unlikely heroes all bursting from my bookshelves, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Discovering new talent is undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of the job and I’m on the look out for engaging stories that really pack a punch.  At the moment I’d love to find any of the following:  a cracking middle adventure in an exotic or otherworldly location, anything with a gothic feel, something full of twists and turns or brilliantly imagined YA fantasy.

10 thoughts on “About Stephanie Thwaites, Children’s Agent, Curtis Brown UK

      • Dear Stephanie,

        Whilst I know you are open to anything, having read through your profile and blog, I notice you haven’t mentioned recently what kinds of stories you would really love to stumble across. Are they the same as you have said before, or is there anything in particularly you would really like to find for 2016?

  1. Hi Stephanie, for your information the link to “Curtis Brown submission guidelines” comes up with an error 404 message (whatever that means).
    Kind regards,

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  3. Love the blog, very helpful.
    Do you pair illustrators with writers?I have written a children’s picture book, but wondered if I can submit my manuscript without an illustrator attached?

  4. Found your blog very interesting! I submitted the start of my book 18 months ago and can now see where I think I went wrong. Currently looking through it all whilst on maternity leave to see if I can perhaps try again.
    No matter what I have enjoyed exploring my imagination, but if one day others enjoy my work too that would also be wonderful!

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