Carrying a torch for reading

Thanks to @melissahillbks for pointing out this fantastic article by Philip Jones

I agree that we should be celebrating that there is so much interest in reading, rather than complaining and despairing about the kind of books readers are consuming.  I’ve encountered this in the children’s book world where parents, teachers and librarians disapprove of certain authors and particular books, but any material that helps children to engage with reading should be embraced, provided it is age appropriate of course – a minefield in itself – but that’s for another time.  I’m certainly not suggesting a 50 Shades for kids but the book that draws in non-readers is exactly what we should be searching for in the children’s book world too.  One of my children’s authors talks about the book that piqued his interest in reading as a young boy and acknowledges now that it is a pretty soulless and completely dreadful picture book but hey, it worked for him and now he writes children’s books. ‘Bad’ books can still make good readers and even good writers too.


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